What is a Kitchen Island Design?

So you want an ideal space for preparing food, dining, cooking, and socializing, a kitchen island is a suitable choice for you.

Kitchen Islands have turned into a great representation of the modern kitchen. They are the most appropriate choice for bringing family members together to dine and enjoy one another. No wonder they never lack in contemporary kitchen design. We spoke with CharlesJames Developments, an award-winning UK kitchen design and installation business, about the key elements involved in kitchen island design in 2021.

What is a Kitchen Island?

A kitchen island is a self-supporting cabinet that can either match the current kitchen layout or complement it. It goes well with kitchen stools placed around it for additional seating. It can even consist of essential storage drawers to store the cooking equipment. 

To design a kitchen island, one requires the correct knowledge concerning these designs. The whole kitchen floor revolves around this central component. A good kitchen island will provide room to introduce texture, different materials and new colours. Major factors are its magnitude and sitting location. Other factors include the design of the countertop, cabinets, kitchen stools, etc. 

How Kitchen Islands Developed

At first, kitchen islands were a basic idea drawn from a wooden farm table used in the kitchen. These initial island designs provided the cook with the space needed for food preparation and enabled socializing. In the modern world, kitchen islands have taken the same concept. Some designs use similar materials such as wood for the base and cabinets, while others mix the equipment. It means the countertop, and upper cabinets have different materials and colours.

Uses of a kitchen Island

Food Preparation

Having prior knowledge of the functions of a kitchen island will help you design the kitchen island most suitable for you. If you prefer food preparation as the chief function, use an appropriate island design for cooking.

Good island designs make the cooking process feel relaxed. It also provides space for operations such as chopping, kneading, and blending. You can also add a sink to smoothen the process of washing food ingredients to preparing them. You can also add a knife rack, cabinets, a fixed chopping board etc.

Cleaning Center

You can place pull-out dust bins near the sink. Consider including storage for dish towels, detergents and other cleaning elements. 

50 Stunning Modern Kitchen Island Designs


When using a kitchen island for sharing meals, feel free to add a wine rack and a cooler to promote the socializing process. Also, consider placing comfortable seats around the kitchen island. Choose chairs with the correct size for easy fitting under the island when not in use.


Storage is another factor to consider when designing a kitchen island. A spacious kitchen island is a solution to storing food and dishes. Easy fitting storage components can be complemented by fixed knife blocks and spice racks. There is room to play around with storage designs. You can wish to place a joined dustbin for efficient disposal. 

Additional Reasons to Include a Kitchen Island

You can access a kitchen island from any point which, maximizes the kitchen space. Kitchen islands become the centre of attention. A good design will enhance the entire kitchen and leave it looking stunning. Kitchen counters will promote a strong bond between family members. Young children can do their homework on the countertop while their mother cooks near to them. The kitchen island combines comfort, function and luxury.

How would you like your Kitchen Island to look?

A general principle of an attractive kitchen is consistency. The kitchen island should then fit and appear natural to the original design. A modern kitchen design should be complemented with a modern kitchen island. Similarly, an old-fashioned kitchen should hold a comparable kitchen island.

Also, aim to use similar materials for your kitchen island as those used in the rest of the kitchen. If the kitchen has wooden materials keep a wooden kitchen island. A granite-filled kitchen should likewise be blended with a granite kitchen island and window blinds should not clash.

Using similar materials for both the kitchen and island provokes a feeling of consistency. A different design will seem jarring and disorderly, ruining the whole surrounding. However, it doesn’t mean the kitchen style should be entirely identical to the rest of the kitchen. Altered yet complementing colour patterns can change the whole aesthetic of the kitchen from plain to gorgeous.

Using specific colour patterns blends well for the entire kitchen. Bright coloured walls work well with oak or sage units. A minty blue island will blend well with soft grey kitchen walls. Feel free to mix up rhyming colours according to your preference. Once you sort out the colours, consider the lighting design. Hanging lights are suitable for any kitchen design. You can fix some lighting to the island for extra style.