Home Security

We all invest a lot of time and effort in our homes, so we want them to be as secure as possible. However most people do not pay enough attentions to how secure their home is. First and foremost you should ensure  for main doors are of good quality and are fitted with high quality locks. There are so many locks on the market that the choice can seem bewildering, however you should always make sure they comply with British standards  The most common one for locks in the UK is BS 3621 and you should ensure that they have BSI kite mark on the lock and packaging.

If you want professional advice on locks then it is recommended that you use a registered locksmith such as Tony’s locksmiths who will be able to advise you on the best types of lock to fit to any door in your property. They can also install them for you if required.

For home security if you have a Neighborhood watch scheme in your area, joint it. To check if you have one in your area see ourwatch.org.uk/