Most Common Types of Garage Door Available in 2021

different types of garage doors

It can be so confusing to lad the right garage door, given the numerous models and designs in the market. Lucky for you, here is a list of some of the best garage doors out there and what makes each stand out. If you’re based in South Wales, all these garage door types are available from Garage Doors Repaired in Bridgend.

Section garage doors

Serving as one of the most sought-after garage doors in the United States, section garage doors are primarily made of panels and hinges. This allows the door to roll away vertically or horizontally when opening or closing the door. Practically, the hinges between the boards will enable the door to bend on a guide rail system. As such, this means that the door sits parallel to the ceiling when its open and inversely in line with the walls when it is closed.

Section garage doors are either manual or automatic. For those that are manual, users operate the door hand when opening or closing the doors. However, the door runs on a power operating system that pulls the door on opening and closing for automatic models. In addition to the operating system, the door also has a force limiter and high-tension springs. The springs prevent the door from drifting downwards due to gravity. On the other hand, the force limiter prevents the door from closing if there is an obstacle on its path. All in all, section garage doors are famous for their elegant style and the modern feel that they bring to homes.

Roll-up garage doors

Roll-up garage doors are more or less similar to sectional garage doors in a lot of ways. For starts, these garage doors are made of plates and hinges that define their working mechanism. Additionally, they both fold upwards, thus making them compact. As such, what this means is that you can park the car next to the garage door minus worrying that it will not open. The main difference, however, between these two doors is how they operate. 

Roll-up doors, for example, have a rod onto which the panels roll upwards onto. What this means is that when opening this door, the sheets travel vertically and gather around a rod attached to the wall. Unlike its counterpart, the sheets are not parallel to the ceiling. Instead, they form a cylinder around the rod. Having said that, this feature makes them perfect for garages with limited ceiling space. Practical examples of these kinds of doors are in commercial centers and shops.

Side-to-side door

Another common garage door worth your while is the side-to-side door. Just as the name suggests, these doors open by the side. What this means is that unlike the doors discussed above, these have their hinges by the side, thus allowing them to open outwards. While some might consider these doors as traditional, they are not. 

Additionally, they are made of different materials such as steel and timber. Side to side doors is viable options for garages with little headroom and side room. As if that is not enough, they are worthwhile for vehicle and pedestrian used garages. What this means is that you don’t need to open the whole thing if someone wants to get into or get out of the garage. All in all, these doors are simple yet practical. In turn, this makes them a great candidate for owners seeking something easy to use as well as secure.

Up and over garage door

An up and over garage door consisting of a single panel that lifts over the entrance and tilts backward into the garage, hence the term up and over. There are two types of up and over doors, namely the retractable one and the canopy one. Both of these models are similar. However, the significant difference between these two is the mechanism used to open and close them and the shape they form afterward. For instance, in the retractable version, the door is controlled automatically and retracts inwards into the garage when opened.

On the other hand, canopy up and over doors are manual, thus forming a canopy when opened. What this means is that upon opening the springs holding the door, pull the door away from the ground minus retracting it into the garage. Whether you decide to go with a canopy-based door or a retractable door, up and over garage doors are viable for clients looking for simplicity. 

Honorable mentions

Side-hinged garage doors are traditional two doors that open by swinging the doors away from each other. They are primarily made of wood and steel doors.