About Shorty & Slim From Natasha


NatashaMy name is Natasha and I am from Orlando, a beautiful city in Florida. I must admit that after delivering my second child, I did have to battle a few issues of getting back into a healthy lifestyle. But now, I try to find time for workouts and do whatever that makes me happy,be it walking on the sandy beaches, step aerobics or even Zumba workout sessions.

Remaining fit and healthy is all about making the right decision, a way of life I would say. Recently the fitness freak in me has made me go through numerous fitness programs and I would love to share my thoughts and tips I find online. It is a bit confusing when you read conflicting weight loss procedures but I decided to value my own opinion and evaluate what was in front of me.

After all, information is knowledge which helps you to feel confident in what you’re doing. And once you have that confidence, you feel motivated and soon enough you’ll reach your destination. Just remember that healthy living need not be complicated and if you are not seeing the results you desired then it is better to stop. So just enjoy what you’re doing and I look forward to accompanying you on your path to health and fitness.


Venus factor3

I started off with the Venus Factor Program which I had heard was so immensely popular on the web. It is specifically designed only for women, and believe me within a month’s time I could see the results. I could not be more happier as I’ve managed to lose a few pounds. Read more about this here.


OldSchoolNewBodyOld School New Body was a whole new experience for me. Well, the whole new attitude it gave me left people guessing my age every time they saw me. Initially it was not easy but just push yourself to see those wonderful results.


Three Week Diet20 pounds in 21 days is what the Three Week Diet talks about. I gave it a try and never regretted the decision. I never felt as if I was dieting and I loved to see the new me!


Pound MelterI’m not a very easy person to please and was sceptical about the Pound Melter system. It is based on scientific research and is completely natural without any medication.It’s claim to have over 88,000 successful users is what caught my attention. It did change my lifestyle into a happier and healthier one. Read more about the Pound Melter system here.

Flat abs for LifeMany of the diet programs had helped me lose weight but that stubborn belly fat never left me. Flat abs for Life was so genuine without endless cardio and crazy workouts. The program concentrates on the mid section and helps you lose that weight leaving you with a perfect hour glass figure.


The Beta SwitchThe Beta Switch program has really nice stuff in it and is designed by Sue Heintze. The program is meant only for women and talks about beta and alpha receptors.  The 12 week fitness program assists in fat burning by combining nutrition and exercises.

The Xtreme Fat Loss The Xtreme Fat Loss diet has been going around a while and have left many customers happy as you don’t have to wait for long to see the results. It consists of 5 cycles in 5 days. I realised it was called Xtreme as it was meant for those who wanted to lose maximum weight within the shortest time possible. And to know how, continue reading..

The Skinny ProtocolThe Skinny Protocol doesn’t let you change your normal routine at all. This system is extremely easy to use and does not involve any medication at all. By the end of the program you’re left with a lot of confidence and a healthy lifestyle.

Six minutes to SkinnySix minutes to Skinny takes very little of your time and with 6 minutes to spare,you will  definitely feel yourself full of energy! This program is for those busy moms, working women or matter of fact for those who have not time to spare for themselves.

4 Cycle Fat Loss4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution is the perfect programs for those Carb lovers. You will be having the body you love to have without sacrificing the carbs you love. The list of rules and guidelines are easy to follow and you should check out the 4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution.

Cruise Control DietCruise Control Diet is very popular with celebrities. It teaches you what to eat and why. It’s got a 60 day money back guarantee and is cheap.

Eat Stop EatEat Stop Eat is all about fasting. This PDF book tells us the benefits of fasting and if you don’t want to give up on your favourite food yet lose weight then just try this program. It is easier than any diet and more effective than any magic pill.

Live long with a Flat Belly Forever Live long with a Flat Belly Forever program. It talks on the composition of your gut bacteria and how they affect dieting. It is a reader friendly book made simple for those who wishe to benefit from it.


Customized Fat LossKyle Leon’s Customized Fat Loss is like having your personalised nutritionist with you.  It shows you what foods you need to eat to create that effective and permanent fat loss. Designed for both men and women, this program helps burn a lot of unwanted fat. It was extremely easy to use and I just had to fill in my details and get a customised program right in front of me.


Flavilicious cookingFlavilicious cooking gave me a lot of yummy healthy meals with focus on great nutrition and amazing taste. It helped me set goals and achieve it. Why I love Flavia’s program is because I can do it at home or anywhere else and was worth the time and effort.

Paleo RestartPaleo Restart is a fast selling cook book today mainly because mainly because it includes healthy, tasty and primarily easy and quick recipes for anyone. It takes a whole body approach towards weight loss that not only involves different diet factors but also helps you in exercises that can be beneficial for a healthy body, better sleep and stress management.

Turbulence TrainingTurbulence Training will change the way you work-out forever. It’s about ditching those boring cardio sessions and replacing it with 3 short-burst fat burning workouts that combine both resistance training and superior interval. Something worth trying out!

Total Wellness CleanseTotal Wellness Cleanse actually helps to detoxify their bodies in a natural way. It makes one aware of the harmful effects of processed foods. If the doctor has told you to change your lifestyle, then this is a program which you can do from your home. Cleanse yourself and get a toxic free body.

Fat Loss FactorThe Fat Loss Factor at first seemed like a gimmick compared to other online diet services I have reviewed. However, it provides the fundamental tools and resources you need to effectively lose weight. It was not as comprehensive or interactive as the other diet plans but  its endless customization options were extremely useful if you seek flexibility in an online diet service.

14 day rapid fat loss plan14 Day Rapid Weight Loss Plan is as the name suggests a method to lose weight rapidly. The biggest benefit is that it offers practical, easy to implement tips and strategies. It is not a magic pill for you to lose weight but makes your process a lot more easier.

The 21 Day Sugar DetoxThe 21 Day Sugar Detox is a clear cut effective nutrition action plan and helps you get rid of those sugar and carb cravings in just three weeks, Tens of thousands of people have already tried it and the positive reviews I read was more than enough for me to get started on it. Try it and see the results for yourselves.

Fat Burning FurnaceFat Burning Furnace has also been known as the 15 minute miracle. It is an easy and fast to use program but though I did manage to lose a little weight, I felt the information provided on their website was too elaborated and hyped.

Burn The Fat 7-day BodyBurn The Fat 7-day Body Transformation Programcontains loads of information. Tom Venuto, the author of the program has gone into minute details of fitness and this book is a great resource for anyone who’s serious about getting lean, fit, and muscular, while eating a healthy diet and having time left over to enjoy life.

The_Carb_Nite_SolutionI tried The Carb Nite Solution program  at the advise of a friend because she was on it and was happy with the results. The diet has been fantastic and is one of the easiest and most satisfying ones I have ever tried. The book goes into details about why you should do certain things and why you shouldn’t so it makes it easier to understand and stick with. Well worth a try!

101 Toxic Food IngredientsThe 101 Toxic Food Ingredientsis not a scam and the sixty-day money-back warranty on its own could be the commitment to prove it. The most significant benefit from 101 toxic food ingredients would be the fact it is actually designed retaining you in mind and it’s very cheap.

Get Lean ProgramBelinda Benn’s Get Lean Program has been getting a lot of positive reviews. It is rated as one of the best fitness programs to get lean. If you’re looking out to get lean and pretty then this is the program for you. It is specifically for women and helps you to get into the best shape of your life.

Kidney diet secretsI am please with the purchase of the book Kidney Diet Secrets. The book is not a ‘guaranteed solution’ as mentioned in some reviews but I’m impressed with the results and assure you that with the right attitude you’ll be able to see noticeable results in few weeks.

Blood Sugar Secrets ExposedBlood Sugar Secrets Exposed is worth the money you spend. It makes life much easier and aims to wean sufferers of diabetes away from expensive treatments and into an all-natural therapeutic management of the disease.

Eating For EnergyEating for Energy- The Ultimate Energy Diet is indeed a life saver.  It changes your lifestyle completely as you only think of eating raw food. You might have to make visits to the Organic store more often.

The Jassa MethodThe Jassa Method is a program worth trying. The fact that Jason Seib and Sarah Fragoso, the authors of this book are both highly respected coaches and best selling authors in the health and fitness field gives the product credibility. It uses the right diet, exercise and mindset training to help you get great fat loss results.

Fat Loss Secret

Top Fat Loss Secret: This 38 page e-book tells us that you cannot lose fat permanently, and how to change that once and for all. It contains a lot of information on health, and you could give it a try.



5 Day Detox – Detox With Drew : A detox program for those with a busy schedule. It contains great recipes with its benefits. So happy juicing time!

Your Guide To Paleo

Your Guide to Paleo : It’s easy, convenient and doesn’t involve a ton of prep time. If youare  switching to paleo this is the best time to start. It is worth giving a try and see the results for yourself.


Fat-burning_ManWild Diet and Fat Burning Chef :A very simple book for those who want to try Paleo diet. It contains over 150 recipes. Many of the Paleo star chefs have taken time to contribute towards this book. Though it does not provide much informationon health benefits of the diet, this book is great for it’s price.

Glowing Lean SystemGlowing Lean System : In short a system which helps you to glow. It is not only a weight loss system you will also improve the quality of your skin, your hair, your energy levels, and even your day-to-day sense of well-being. It has got an excellent feedback from the online community and rare reviews from bloggers.

7 Secrets To Lose Belly FatAwaken The Abs Within – 7 Secrets To Lose Belly Fat : This book provides a lot of helpful tips to get great abs and lose weight. It consists of 7 elements and provides support via emails. The workout sessions vary slightly from the normal work routines and does not work for the easy goers.

7 Day Raw DetoxThe 7 Day Raw Detox : A purely vegetarian Detox diet which helps in cleansing your system and create new eating habits. Towards the end of the diet, one is sure to feel more energized, lose weight, stop feeling bloated, and start eating healthier.

Amazing Benefits Of Coconut OilAmazing Benefits of Cooking Oil : This e-book provides beneficial information to anyone who reads it. The types of coconut oil and it’s uses are mentioned along with mouth watering recipes prepared using coconut oil.

The_Fat_Loss_TroubleshootStarve Mode provides solutions to many problems faced by dieters. Details regarding one’s body metabolism is explained in a very simple manner. There are no set rules and there is complete freedom of opinion from the author’s side.

Diet-for-low-thyroidThyroid  Wellness Diet : This is a very helpful book for people suffering from Thyroid problems which lead to a lot of other health problems. It lists the food fundamentals which need to be followed and basically opens new windows to improve one’s  thyroid health and lifestyle.